The greatest strength of Mellon Skills Accelerator is the plethora of good testimonials we receive either by message, such as those we quote on this page, by phone or live during meetings, counseling and seminars.

They move and empower us. We sincerely thank you.



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They touch us and empower us. Thank you sincerely.

Leaving from the seminar, I felt really inspired to press "stop" in my daily life to observe the small things that i can either appreciate or change.
Very good seminar. Mobile working will help many young men and women to solve the unemployment problem that plagues our country. Your effort is remarkable and should be replicated in other cities as well.
Fani K.
  I entered the 2nd part of the seminar. While I was aware of the existence of 3D Printing technology and some related applications, Mr Sfinarolaki's lecture was absolutely descriptive and precise. It attracted my attention and I stayed untill the end. Congratulations!  
Concice, excellent presentation, fully comprehensible and interesting. Congratulations to Mellon and Mr. Sfinarolakis.
Theodora Zoumbouli
3D Printing is a very interesting topic. Excellent organization!!
John G.
A very interesting seminar in a very unique field like 3D Printing.
Christos Voulgaris
Mr. Sfinarlakis was an excellent speaker, patient with great flow. Interesting seminar.  
Charitini P.
The rapporteur was enthusiastic and informative, as well as fully up-to-date with the latest discoveries-creations in 3D Printing.
Elena K.
Very interesting seminar. I had little information about 3D Printing and its applications and now I feel I have a better understanding.
George V.
I believe that this seminar provided ample basic knowledge about the 3D Printing techniques.
Theofanis Pinis
Excellent organization, contemporary topic, suitable venue (fully equipped amphitheater). In any case, a very valuable offer at a time when unemployment and poverty often make lifelong learning and training very difficult.
Martha T.
Very good presentation of the topics by the rapporteur Mr. Sfinarolakis.  Very good explanatory clarifications in all sections of the seminar. A comprehensible and interesting seminar.
Eugenia Z.
A very good seminar on a difficult topic like 3D Printing.
Stamatis Latsis
Mr. Sfinarolakis, was a great speaker. He gave a comprehensible and clear overview of the difficult 3D Printing topic. The venue and the organization were excellent and I wish that "mellon" will offer us many more seminars of such quality and value.
Daphne T.
Thank you very much for the opportunity you gave me to attend the 3D Printing Seminar. It was highly informative and interesting.
Demetrios B.
This was the first time I attended a 3D Printing Seminar. The topic was very interesting. Thank you very much.
Dimitris K.
The 3D Printing Seminar was of great quality, very educative and highly informative.
Foteini Panagiotopoulou
A unique subject was coveyed by the speaker, Mr. Sfinarolakis, in a perfectly understandable way. Of particular interest was the topic of the seminar, 3D printing.
Euripides T.
The seminar was very good. The rapporteur, Mr Sfinarolakis, was very elloquent and communicative.
Panagiotis S.
A satisfying, warm educational seminar that prompted me to get more involved with my professional profile on LinkedIn
Panos X.
Excellent organization and quality of the LinkedIn Seminar.
Demetris B.
Very welcoming, nice venue, ample courtesy by the volunteers and most importantly great coverage of questions by the speaker Mr. Katsikis. Well done!!! Carry on just like this!!!
Eleni V.
An excellent seminar for LinkedIn and Self Branding. As any Mellon seminar, it was Direct, Practical and Effective.
Georgia G.
I am absolutely satisfied! The rapporteur, Mr. Katsikis was very direct, communicative and absolutely noble and patient, with excellent educational material.
Christiana Loutsi
Extremely comprehensive and analytical, I believe it will help me with the industry I work in, but also it can prove useful to any professional who wants to use LinkedIn.
Elsie S.
The seminar with Mr. Katsiki for LinkedIn was a very useful initiative! We hope it will be repeated!
Chariklia Stouka
Timely update/communication for confirmation of participation. Very good organization. Extremely useful tutorial for LinkedIn.
Irene S.
Very well-informed seminar with information about all LinkedIn tools for immediate use. Mr. Katsikis was very direct and easy to follow.
Alexios M.
Once again, the mellon seminar was a very good and useful experience, this time by Mr. Katsikis.
Marcos Korvesis
Excellent seminar with a good presentation of LinkedIn by Mr. Katsikis for both new and more experienced users.
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