The greatest strength of Mellon Skills Accelerator is the plethora of good testimonials we receive either by message, such as those we quote on this page, by phone or live during meetings, counseling and seminars.

They move and empower us. We sincerely thank you.



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They touch us and empower us. Thank you sincerely.

Anna - Nefeli Xaratsi
Mrs Lambrou was a pleasant surprise. Despite my 30 years of work experience, today I watched and learned new things, useful and important for me. The positive energy combined with her undoubted experience in corporate environment, offered us a substantial educational day, packed not only with tips about sales but also with encouragement to look at our jobs with new, fresh eyes.
Afroditi Nianiou
I am particularly interested in sales although I have no experience working with this, nor through my studies! So I can say, I heard many interesting things and in simple, understandable words!
Iordanis Antifatoglou, Marketing Specialist
What Koin.S.Ep. Knowl with the cooperation of Ms. M.Lamprou, are offering us, is extremely important. It taught basic principles and values for successful sales in an excellent manner, responsibly, simply, methodically. Congratulations on this initiative! Continue in the future and I will be active with you!
Excellent lecturer, excellent seminar!
Thanos Mihalas
Congratulations for your initiatives!
Fully equipped seminar on the basic functions of Word, Excel and PP. Very informative content with examples of everyday uses.
Maria A.
It was a remarkable seminar with structured content. The lecturer was very good and illustrative. Such seminars are worth watching for everybody! Highly recommended!
A. H.
I believed it was worth attending the seminar and not disappointed by my decision. The positive mood of the organizers, the lecturer but also of those who attended, made it pleasant to follow. I wish you to keep up the good work.
Aristotelis K.
I can now create my CV with no doubt.
Nikos Vrettos, Teacher
Fabulous, and excellent. Congratulations for your for your professionalism and your social responsibility, in those difficult times for our country.
Dimitris K.
The seminar helped me to gain knowledge, so I am ready to write a good resume.
Really interesting. I watch it with anguish and admiration and learned very useful and valuable information.
Ioannis Koutsopoulos
Remarkable, teaching, strengthens the psychology of the person interested in seeking employment.
It was a very good seminar, well organized with very useful information.
Mr. Konstantinidis was informative, with many interestingstatements that fully covered the subject of the seminar. Very pleasant seminar with good flow.
Arhontoula Drimoni
It was great! There was a directness and good communication. I felt i touched the perfection of sales !! What difficult thing, really?
Several useful things were used. The lecturer was very illustrative and provided well organized material. It was totally worth it and i would definitely recommend it to others.
I learned that how i can manage difficult situations, and how to use legal and ethical ways to persuade my customer to purchase a product.
Kalliopi Iliadi
It changed my point of view regarding sales. I believe it will help me decisively in the future.
Eutihia T.
Many details and information on sales technics that we miss out on in our everyday life. Very important and useful seminar.
Marina P.
The seminar was comprehensive, informative and pleasant to follow.
It was a very constructive seminar and the knowledge we received was adequate.
Vasiliki Petevi, Unemployed, Psychology graduate
It was remarkable and very informative. Thank you very much!
Mihalis Petevis
I wish similar initiatives would happen constantly. The whole presence was excellent. Congratulations!
Dimitra Ntouni, Self-employed
Very pleased and excited. The speakers seemed very familiar and explained everything in detail. I felt that I was in a friendly environment and gained a lot of knowledge.
Irini K.
Very interesting experience. We were informed about what is happening in the labor market, how we can prepare ourselves and how we can act. Pleasant presentation, nice atmosphere and intimacy.
The seminar had very good sections, it was very informative and the speakers had transmissibility and were very debatable.
Anthi S.
I believe that this seminar was very informative and well-organized, providing important information from renowned speakers
Maria A.
I sincerely wish you good luck with your efforts. Simultaneously, let me emphasize that the seminar was an essential and highly satisfying in terms of organization, time and space, of course, very important and helpful and very informative.
Giasemi Vourlakou
Really experienced people within the field of Human Resources. They taught us things that nobody ever has.
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