The greatest strength of Mellon Skills Accelerator is the plethora of good testimonials we receive either by message, such as those we quote on this page, by phone or live during meetings, counseling and seminars.

They move and empower us. We sincerely thank you.



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They touch us and empower us. Thank you sincerely.

Anastasia R.
Mr. Alexopoulos and Mr. Constantinides was comprehensive and had knowledge on their subject. I am very happy that I participated in this seminar and I met these two remarkable people.
Katerina Tranakou
Excellent presentation, professionalism and urgency by both lecturers. Answered my questions with a simple manner. I was also informed about services such as Adecco i had not even heard about.
Thank you for the opportunity you gave us. I hope you soon re-organize something similar. Surely what you have taught us is very important.
Vasiliki Kampani
In these few hours of the seminar, I found answers that concerned me about how to write my CV correctly by focusing on the personality and skills I gained, through my work experience. I received helpful tips that will surely be used for finding a job placement. Thank you.
Spiridon S.
Very good seminar coordination and transmissibility. Focused on key points to help us activate aspects of our character that need strengthening.
Paraskeui Grammatikopoulou, Hair stylist
Today's seminar was very useful and gave us giving the right base to begin searching for work opportunities.
Irini Lampatou
Thank you for all the knowledge, that was truly the best. What you taught us will prove to be very important for us in finding a job, with a correct CV.
Anna Skantzaka, Self-employed
Very good seminar coordination. Interesting topics, very useful. The speakers are exceptional, analyzed all our questions. The time passed pleasantly while gaining basic and very useful information. Congratulations!
Lina - Despoina
Today's seminar was excellent! Really helped us getting familiar with writing our CV's, and finding a job search strategy.
Anastasia R.
Mr. Drongousis speech was comprehensive, illustrative, targeted and fully cognizant of the matter. The seminar was very interesting and rich in the provision of knowledge. Congratulations !!!
Anna Akantzaka
Very good job in all areas from the secretariat to the lecturer. Very polite! The lecturer was very understandable and summarized basic, useful data. Always left time for questions and always willing to answer them. Very good job. I will definitely attend one of your next seminars. Keep up the good work. Congratulations.
Nikolaos Mamais, Unemployed
Very psychologically liberating!
Ksenia Pantazi
Wonderful teamwork. Very good experience. The world needs the provision of information, because changes occur with great speed.
Thank you all! For the knowledge and the opportunity you have given us these 3 days! Everything was perfect. We also thank knowl, and all those who voluntarily came to us just to "teach" us !! Hope to see you again!
Marousa M.
Thank you for the opportunity you gave us and the interesting information, I hope something similar will soon be organized again.
Dimitra N.
Very constructive, rich in knowledge. The lecturers were very clear and transferred their knowledge very simply. Thank you for the opportunity and I hope that it will not be the last.
Spiros S.
Very reliable source of information, transmissibility, as I received very useful information and separated the word stereotype in my mind.
Eudokia Nomikou
Impeccable seminar coordination, structured presentation of subjects. Thank you!
Paraskeui Grammatikopoulou
Wonderful lecturers, that boosted the psychology of the unemployed. Congratulations and keep up the good work!
Anastasia R.
The section Mr. Vlahos covered was very useful and Mr. Karamanlis was understandable. Both had a lot of knowledge on their subject.
Artemis A.
The seminar was very informative and a very good introduction to .NET, in terms of organization, content, presentation and the speaker. He made me understand many things, certainly will try to use it in the future.
Isidora T.
The organization was excellent and the tools presented were very useful.
Nikos Kapetanas, IT student
He gave a lot of useful information about things that can be very helpful in today's market.
Spiros Karakostas
The seminar was enlightening in the technologically old fashioned Greece. The location was the most appropriate and the organization very nice.
Nikos H.
The seminar i attended was useful for programming technologies and for professional development.
Sofia Kiriakopoulou
A very remarkable effort from both Microsoft and knowl, to make us aware of even in a small part of the vast area of IT.
Andreas Th.
Congratulations, keep up the good work.
The theme of the seminar was very relevant and interesting. It satisfied my educational needs.The presentation by the lecturer was excellent for helping one that was not so experienced with various points of this presentation, to understand.
Very good initiative. As a student I think you helped me enrich my knowledge and to extend them.
Katerina Papadopoulou, University student
The Mellon program is an excellent initiative. It was very interesting and useful to learn about new technologies. Good organization and friendly representatives. We gained knowledge and we are all ready for Microsoft's next seminar. Very interesting for us, IT students.
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