The greatest strength of Mellon Skills Accelerator is the plethora of good testimonials we receive either by message, such as those we quote on this page, by phone or live during meetings, counseling and seminars.

They move and empower us. We sincerely thank you.



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They touch us and empower us. Thank you sincerely.

Giannis H.
Excellent presentation, very well structured flow. It fully covered the requirements needed in order to make a start within this technology.
Very good examples, updated and very informative seminar. Surely left with plenty information and knowledge about the subject.
Marianna L.
The seminar was very satisfying with a quite interesting agenda. It gave us motivation to engage in planning and gave us the tools to search in the right places for any questions. Lastly, it informed us about new subjects we were not aware of.
Elvis Poenaru
Interesting seminar that gave me the lead to begin the design of my own Web application.
Amalia K.
I think the seminar covered a broad spectrum of the Technologies that were presented. Something that left a very positive impression on me, was the fact that even for someone with less experience, the seminar was enlightening and helped us understand the technologies and create applications.
Aggelos G.
I want to thank you for this offering of knowledge. Being a fanatical supporter of open source software, I was quite skeptical towards Microsoft. My opinion has completely changed, also the great presentation helped me understand many things that I did not know and showed me where to search for more depth.
Dimitris Fraggiadakis, University student
Ideal for students who are new to the field of web and mobile programming. It gives direction and provides supplies for a good start in the field.
Anastasia T., University student
It is very pleasing to have seminars organized with free admission for everyone . We thank Knowl and Microsoft for this opportunity.
I got a taste of how to "exist" on the internet and I was convinced about the "why" to exist in it. I also learned "mistakes" I do in social media. Very original approach and almost unknown way of looking at ourselves based on talents and strengths. Well done!
Anastasia Kiriakidi
It is very nice to hear and see people who really love what they do and are passionate about it, to share their experiences and their knowledge with others! They were all magical! Congratulations!
Exceptional content and highly informative. Big help. Excellent organization.
Grigorios F.
The seminar was very interesting with Mr. Vlahos as the highlight. Congratulations to the organizers for this entire seminar, cause it was created with passion and love and without any profit.
Paulos Katerelos
Very good and energetic. Mr Vlachos and Mrs Kasdagli equally constructive. Congratulations to the organizers!
Konstantinos Krokos
Knowledge for personal evaluation. Triggers us to focus on searching and recording our personal skills.
Martha Tsiledaki
All the lecturers were wonderful and contagious. They went in depth with the needs, aspirations and my personal wants and desires.
Konstantina - Sotiria
All three seminars were very interesting. A lot of useful information and very useful for the future.
It was creative, constructive. You get better and improve your skills, fix your CV and your professional profile!
Kiriaki Iliadou
The seminars were the foundations and keys from me to organize the job position i want and pushed me to go to the representing companies. Inspiring, mentoring conferences.
Andreas Theodorakis
If only the subjects the lecturer presented to us at the seminar, were taught in our schools.
Pleasant and professional. The seminar contained important objects and extremely useful for everyone .
Aimilia P.
Perfect! Shockingly useful! Ms. Kapsanaki is the best of her kind! I would love to take part in each lecture!
Today's seminar was in dialogue form. I was very satisfied. I collected a lot of information on how I can show myself at work. I realized my potential and how to make good use of it.
Magda Kontogianni
Very good presentation. Very good transmissibility and very interesting from the beginning until the end. Detailed presentation in each chapter. Encouragement and actual placement in the present work situation.
Andreas Theodorakis
The erudition of the lecturers and the obvious visionary inspiration of the organizers, provides absolutely necessary skills,that the education in Greece does not!
The seminar was a real added value for me, got me thinking and gave me another perspective to redefine my professional goal and how to achieve it.
Martha Tsiledaki
Congratulations to Mrs Stavropoulou initially for the exquisite choice of lecturers. The seminar enlightened me completely and I opened my horizons to evolve as a secretary in our company, with the very informative help from Mrs Kapsanaki.
The seminar was very interesting, I learned many new things. Held by skilled people who taught us important things. I am glad that I participated in such a seminar.
It was a wonderful seminar. A unique experience. I learned many things.
Alexandra A.
It was really very useful, constructive and meaningful that really can help you spot what it takes and requires an employer to the company, in his office or his business. Also, when one works in this field through these seminars you can learn to improve your skills, productivity and so on day by day.
Konstantina A.
Practical and very useful tips. Lively and interesting presentation by the lecturer. Thank you!
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