The greatest strength of Mellon Skills Accelerator is the plethora of good testimonials we receive either by message, such as those we quote on this page, by phone or live during meetings, counseling and seminars.

They move and empower us. We sincerely thank you.



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They touch us and empower us. Thank you sincerely.

Sophia Kyriakopoulou
Mr. Katsikis was direct, interactive. The presentation had a good flow, did not tire us at any point. Overall an interesting seminar.
Marialiki Arseni
Very useful seminar as it covered a wide range of subject and gained a good oversight of LinkedIn's capabilities thanks to Mr. Katsikis.
Despina Pikouli
Professional presentation and echange of knowledge by Mr. Katsikis. Thanks.
Charitini P.
The volunteer speaker Mr. Katsikis was very articulate, perfectly understandable and pleasant. Correct choice of rapporteur and a highly educative seminar. Well done!!
Eleni Giannikopoulou
The Linkedin seminar was very interesting. Mr. Katsikis was very illustrative and friendly.
Anna-Nefeli Charatsi
Mellon skills accelerator offered us another very informative seminar in cooperation with Mr. Katsikis. Thank you very much!
Vasilis Rizos
Very useful seminar to get an update on the trends and developments in digital networking, the proper use of social media, and how to avoid major mistakes.
George V.
I think that the LinkedIn Seminar positively contributes to shaping and properly managing the professional profile of each professional and facilitating his / her goals for a successful career development.
Julie A.
Excellent professional approach. The rapporteur, Mr Katsikis, knows the subject and at the same time has excellent teaching abilities. He is direct, well versed and fully organized.
Theodora Zoumbouli
Consistency and professionalism both in the organization and the rapporteur, Mr. Katsikis. Excellent Seminar!
Iordanis Antifatoglou
An offer with added value for the community. Congratulations to Mellon and Mr. Katsikis!  
Theodora S.
Organization of a 'full' seminar on Linkedin and Social Media, with respect to the participants. The rapporteurs were very willing and with great communication skills.
Alexandra Aligiazaki
The seminars were very well organized and particularly helpful. The rapporteur, Mr. Katsikis, was excellent, precise, and very informative. The questions were very good.
Martha Tsiledaki
  Detailed and clear explanation for the term social media and the significant value of their usefulness. Mr. Katsikis was very communicative and excellent.  
Eugenia Z.
The Linkedin seminar was quite informative about the subject and the rapporteur, Mr. Katsikis, was very good.
Dimitra Theodoraki
Quality, consistency, accuracy, nice venue, and the speaker Mr. Katsikis, an expert in the field.
Lamprini Manioudi
Interesting seminar. The speaker, Mr. Katsikis, was highly informative.
Fotini Panagiotopoulou
Excellent speaker Mr. Katsikis. In a limited time, he covered adequately such a complex issue. Very good organization in an excellent venue.
Paris V.
A very interesting seminar. The rapporteur was very informative and detailed, so I have a full picture of how LinkedIn works, how to use it properly and what its benefits are.
Ioannis Fygtokostas
  The speaker, Mr. Katsikis, was very capable, with an increased ability to transmit his knowledge. Great organization and environment.  
Christos Voulgaris
The organizers were consistent in the timetable, there was a flow in the sections and the rapporteur, Mr. Theodoros Katsikis, was just as good.
Stamatios Latsis
Excellent Seminar. I many of my questions have been answered and the speaker Mr. Katsikis was really wonderful. Very gentle, helpful and highly trained, which, combined with the experienced organizing team and the perfect venue offered the greatest possible benefits. Thank you very much.
Helena K.
Well organized, the seminar was highly informative although I was tired from the amount of information, but it was necessary. I've learned new things about LinkedIn and Social Media. I'm definitely going to make major changes.
Angelina L.
Great communication, knowledge and patience, elements necessary for the implementation of a seminar, particularly pronounced by the speaker Mr. Theodoros Katsikis. I knew things in advance, but I learned more.
Nick Chronakis
I wanted to thank you for the seminars you have organized that I have attended. They helped me in my professional career, but also in my job search and my professional goals. I wish you always organize seminars full of knowledge!
Demetra N.
Quite constructive, rich in knowledge. The speakers are clear, transferring their knowledge in simple words. Thanks for the opportunity and I hope it will not be the last one.
Very good organization and communication, with focus on key points, to activate the aspects of our character who need reinforcement.
Martha T.
Warm congratulations to Mrs Stavropoulou, initially, for the exquisite organization and selection of the trainers. The seminar has been fully illuminating and opened my horizons to become a Secretary to our business with the very informative help of Mrs. Kapsanaki.
Dimitris Menagias, Private Sector Employee – Communications and Marketing in the Health Sector
The "Mobile Working" seminar was addressed with communication mastery to people with a strong interest in the subject. It was shown by the multitude of different and multifaceted questions. I think that from someone with little knowledge on the subject to people who are well informed, the seminar was informative and helped us set goals. Mrs Stoubou managed to convey knowledge from her professional experience in a versatile manner. %MCEPASTEBIN%
Irene Psifidi, Young Entrepreneur – Researcher
Mellon seminars are a practical indication that some people are interested in empowering young people and their professional development, and they do it well.
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