The greatest strength of Mellon Skills Accelerator is the plethora of good testimonials we receive either by message, such as those we quote on this page, by phone or live during meetings, counseling and seminars.

They move and empower us. We sincerely thank you.



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They touch us and empower us. Thank you sincerely.

Giannis Kanavas
A unique interactive lecture. Awesome, unique, amazing lecturer level!
Olga Nika
Lesson of life. The "Positive psychology" seminar gave me motivation to set goals. It helped me find ways to set those goals.
Maria K.
We are so thankful of you!
A very nice and pleasant seminar with many beautiful ideas
Irini Psifidi
The seminars by mellon, are practical evidence that some people are interested in youth empowerment and professional development, and do it well.
Ioannis Vrettaros, Ministry of Education
A wonderful, master class experience.
University student
I learned many alternative recourse's just before I finish school. There is optimism for a job in the future. Surely I will share what I learned with my surroundings.
Anneta Siompolou
Today's seminar was very good, the lecturer very explanatory. The seminar gacve new possibilities and opened new horizons in the workplace. My personal opinion is that it should be repeated soon. Really gives a different look at reality.
Alexandros Gazis
A surprisingly useful seminar that helps us expand employment opportunities in the continuous changing labor market area. Great location, organization and lecturer.
Mairi Pappou, Sales
I had many questions about the topic of the seminar, "Mobile working". They were as always, all answered. The reason being, the lecturer was excellent, understandable and simple. She explained everything clearly and patiently. Thank you very much!
Kalliopi P.
It is always surprising that with the wonderful and knowledgeable speakers you can reflect, solve questions, find answers and organize your time and your work according to the evolution of the times and innovation.
Giorgos Koutsogiannis
Useful seminar, practical knowledgeat a professional level.
Valentina Bulgacova
Personally, it was a good, useful experience. I discovered new useful things which will be important for me and will use them in my nearby Mellon (future). Thank you! I really appreciate you giving me such an opportunity to learn new things. Thank you for your time!
Congratulations for the excellent organization! The speaker was gifted with transmissibility.
Sofia Florou
Very useful seminar with a clear structure and excellent presentation. It helped me learn aspects of transactions and sales that I had not even imagined.
The seminar seemed quite interesting. The lecturer had great experience and transmissibility. For me it was very useful. Among the best lectures. Thank you very much and would like to attend more seminars of yours.
Panteleiomon Ksenias, Sales Management Trainee, Roche(Hellas) S.A.
Excellent speaker, with eloquence, that captured our attention. Professional coordination of the seminar. A really enjoyable experience that adds value to the skills of every new professional.
Aikaterini Politi
One more perfect seminar with very complete content, reached the level of mentoring. The lecturer Mrs. Marika Lambrou was really brilliant!
I did not expect to gain that much information and knowledge from a free seminar. Keep up the good work!
Artemios Filatov
A free seminar with the validity of a very pricey one.
Kalliopi Samantourou
The seminar was the fastest brief knowledge, in the most beautiful and most organized cognitive event that I have ever attended in Greece. Very pleased with the speech of Mrs Marika and the organizers of the seminar .
Lampros D.
Initiatives like yours (mellon) enhance our quality of life, in a professional and personal level.
Niki V.
I found the seminar "Basic Sales Principles" very constructive. Firstly, I remembered many concepts I had learned in theory, which became fully understood through many examples and truly avoided by the excellent Mrs. Marika Lambrou. Highly experienced and authentic. Thank you!
Nikos H.
The seminar organized by the Mellon provided a satisfying amount of knowledge for successful sales in the sales industry area. We are waiting for more similar events.
Very good and interesting seminar and great lecturer with positive and dynamic energy. Very good coordination from the team who are always doing their best. Congratulations!
Zoi Prantalou, Lawyer
Very informative, contagious, sincere in all of the knowledge transfer. The lecturer transferred and shared knowledge-experiences with anthropocentric style.
Chrisobalantou Deligianni
A highly organized conference with interesting educational content. The lecturer Mrs. Marika Lambrou, left the best impression thanks to the great presentation and speech as she was fully understood with excellent transmissibilty skills of knowledge and experience.
Mairi P.
Very important what I heard in today's seminar. Many of these was the confirmation of what I believe. Equipped with knowledge and strength for what I want to realize. Thank you very much! Yours sincerely.
Vaggelis Stefanakis, Project Manager Corporate Relations(CR), AIESEC
I saw my mistakes on corporate sales were related to my character rather than my skills. Thank you. Keep up the good work!
Theodora Moshogianni
Ms. Marika Lambrou is an excellent professional who managed to turn a 2 hour seminar to a beautiful conversation. In a beginners mind like mine, she was able to indulge with an understandable and to the point speech and i certainly feel much more confident about what a good a salesman is and if i choose to follow this path, i certainly I feel much more equipped. I thank her very a lot ...
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