The greatest strength of Mellon Skills Accelerator is the plethora of good testimonials we receive either by message, such as those we quote on this page, by phone or live during meetings, counseling and seminars.

They move and empower us. We sincerely thank you.



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They touch us and empower us. Thank you sincerely.

Panagiota Katsafourou
Particularly useful and constructive. The lecturer Ms. Kapsanaki was a pleasant personality with experience in her area that inspires and motivates transmissibility and leadership skills.
Spiridoula Koulouri
I am very satisfied with the level, mode of communication, respect diffused in your communication to participants and that you have knowledge of the labor market.
Marianina Sopaki
The seminar is very useful for people of all ages. The topics covered are relevant and important! Thank you for the opportunity and congratulations for all the effort!
Chrisoula Konstantatou
The mellon staff was very polite and helpful. As for Mr George Drongoudis, had a very good mood, humor and was always available to make detailed explanations on our questions.
Paraskeui G.
Mr. Drongoudis was very well informed and professional. Very down to earth and open to all questions. The place was satisfying for this type of seminar. I would joyfully watch other seminars, as with the modern standards of the time, we are given an opportunity for knowledge from professionals, and perhaps some employment opportunities in the future. Thank you.
Konstantinos M.
Mr. Drongoudis was fully informed and prepared for the presentation of the seminar. Also, the whole seminar (room, staff, food) was extremely well otgsnized. I will continue to attend other seminars.
Very useful knowledge and guidance. Required tools of office. Very good organization of the seminar and presentation by the lecturer.
Magda Kontogianni
Very good lecturer. Very good transmissibility in all parts of Office. Pretty good acoustics, good optics, simplified multiple examples. Good meal with a lack of raki), nice and polite girls in reception-secretariat, good material for the attendees (sheets, pens, questionnaires).
Martha T.
Great analysis on all sections. Very understandable although resolved important issues from all modules were resolved, within a day. Very interested in the new themes of modules and knowledge I received at personal level.
Anna A.
Very good effort and very useful seminar, both for experienced users and inexperienced. Keep up the careful selection of speakers, to ensure both good speakers like today.
Warm congratulations to the lecturer of the seminar. Excellent knowledge of his object and transmissibility. I wish we had more time.
Very nice thought for our days to organize such seminars, which are feasible and understandable by the entire society, and, above all for FREE!
Grigorios F.
The seminar was well organized and it is a very good move in the difficult days we live in to organize seminars, which help us in our personal development and to claim a good position in the labor market.
Excellent organization of the seminar and excellent choice of lecturer.
Maria T.
Very informative section and extremely helpful. He covered the offered information with absolute clarity. Very good job and organization. Congratulations!
Nansi Rapti
The rapporteur was imminent and had transmissibility. We received enough knowledge to be able to use it in our workplaces.
Mirto Ananida
The Office seminar was informative and helped me solve problems I had previously encountered. Simultaneously, the speaker had transmissibility.
Today's seminar helped me think about my own weaknesses-strengths. Through the information that I have now, things i did not want to (not "i could not") think of and as a result,handle.
Anastasia Mallinaki
A very useful seminar that helped me improve my Microsoft Office skills.
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