The greatest strength of Mellon Skills Accelerator is the plethora of good testimonials we receive either by message, such as those we quote on this page, by phone or live during meetings, counseling and seminars.

They move and empower us. We sincerely thank you.



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They touch us and empower us. Thank you sincerely.

Maria Gkousia, PhD holder, Harokopio University
"Mobile Working" is a contemporary and useful topic. Mrs Stoubou is a remarkable speaker. Impeccable organization. Excellent choice of venue for the seminar.
Archontoula, Graphic – Web Designer
I was given the opportunity to see work in a way other than conventional. Congratulations, the seminar "Mobile Worker" was very informative.
Kassa Olga, PC Programmer
Very good choice of topic as it responds to the professional trends of the future and not to those that exist. Mrs Stoumpou was fantastic and raised my morale while giving me additional incentives to dare and challenge my workplace.
University Student
I learned a lot of alternative outlets shortly before I graduated from university. There is optimism about a job in the future. I will surely convey that I learned to my friends.
Vrettaros Ioannis, Ministry of Education, Representative of the Digital Alliance
An amazing experience, Master class.
Elena Spiliopoulou
I sincerely thank you for the wonderful Positive psychology seminar!! I left full of emotions and thoughts that i always embraced and even more positive that when i came! I'm thankful!!
Isidora Tsiliakou, Internet Marketer, Be productive
Each seminar is better than the last. Perfect organization, inexhaustible lecturer. It was educational, with rhythm very useful for my work and my everyday life. I am looking forward to the next!
The initiative of mellon is the positive psychology of today's seminar in practice.
Good seminar coordination. Focused on two primary and important areas that will help in the evolution and development of today's reality and especially the Greek market.
Mpetti Triviza
Excellent seminar! Perfect coordination. Excellent lecturer. Great life sincerity and sharing of knowledge andexperience.
Kalliopi Iliadi
Excellent presentation. Before I came I thought that the extra information i would learn would be limited, but now i know how wrong i was. I learned many tips to make my life and my job easier, in less time, using the tools of Office programs.
Euaggelos Koletis
Very good and analytical presentation of key concepts for developments, ASP.NET, MVC.
Aimilia P.
Congratulations for the organized seminar and valued lecturer, Mr. George Drongoudis! Very understandable and direct. Congratulations and good luck.
Katerina Chatzidiamanti
I thank Mr. Stalikas and mellon for the wonderful experience of positive psychology.
A series of seminars that are really worth attending.
If we all become more positive, the reality would be more positive for all of us.
Euaggelia Kefala, Ministry of Development
I organized my thinking. I rejoiced, laughed and got empowered.
Constructive seminar that offers you a very positive energy not only for your job but for the entire course of your life. Congratulations!! Keep up the good work!
A unique experience that encourages to change the way of thinking and living.. Congratulations to mellon for the initiative!
It was a wonderful seminar that filled me with positivity and wonderful feelings.
Panagiotis Chriastopoulos, Strategy advisor
I support openly and actively every such effort that I am convinced, is in the right direction. Whole industrial branches that currently have more than ever the need for training new practices and development tools, should embrace such opportunities and capabilities whenever and wherever presented.
The seminar was Encouraging, supportive, and inspired optimism!
You impress us every time!
The "Positive psychology" seminar was the impulse every individual needs in the everyday madness and a reminder that positivity exists and is a matter of choice. The organization excellent, Mr. Stalikas enlightening, the experience memorable. Thank you!
Ismini Spanou
Mr.Stalikas seminar gave me courage, optimism and ways to continue struggling to achieve the goals of my life. Thank you for the opportunity you gave me.
Eleni Selegkouna
The seminar was excellent and the speech by Mr. Stalikas was exquisite and riveting. The approach was excellent and managed to cover of all major aspects of the subject "Positive psychology".
Aggeliki Mpampili, University student
The seminar offered me terribly useful and innovative knowledge to improve myself, my ability to succeed in reaching my goals and my ability to experience positive emotions in my everyday life.
Maria Gardeli
The lecturer Mr Stalikas was really wonderful. An excellent and inspiring presentation. Keep up the great work.
I heard new things and ways to change my daily routine, which will surely benefit me.
Panagiotis Sermperiadis
Every seminar is a unique learning experience! keep walking ...
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